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We have developed a consulting approach which has allowed us to be very successful at implementing accounting systems.  We believe that a documented implementation plan, frequent and open communication during the implementation process, and written detailed procedures are all important elements of a successful implementation of accounting software.   

For years, we have worked to standardize our approach to implementing new accounting systems to ensure that all of the proper steps are followed.  This approach has allowed our clients to quickly become proficient with their new system. We exercise a great deal of care in selecting clients to work with and are completely committed to helping them achieve their long-term technology objectives.  Our clients have told us that they have been very impressed with our consulting approach and we believe you will also feel confident in our ability to manage the implementation of your new accounting system.


We feel effective hands‑on training is the fastest, most economical way to come up‑to‑speed on an accounting software package.  We conduct hands‑on training sessions on Microsoft Dynamics at both beginning and advanced levels.  We typically provide training in four hour sessions, thereby allowing participants to better retain the new information they have heard.  We also design detailed procedures to help each company using Dynamics to effectively use the software and help eliminate unnecessary down time due to turnover in staff.


We take great pride in the level of our support to clients, both in terms of response time and knowledge of the software package.  With each new Dynamics client, we initiate a proactive contact plan where the primary consultant assigned to each user has the responsibility to proactively contact the user on a predetermined time interval.  We have found this approach to be an effective means of ensuring users continue to remain satisfied and productive with their Dynamics software.

Once the accounting system is implemented, there are various levels of ongoing support you may need. As a firm, we have a good understanding of your business and have shown the necessary commitment level to support your organization.  We pride ourselves on the level of our support, both in terms of response time and knowledge.  We have provided our clients with the following avenues for support:

·  On‑site visits    · Phone support    · Remote Control support     ·Voice mail     ·Fax support     · Internet/E‑mail

 We also conduct an annual systems review for our clients.  With this review, we examine their use of the Dymanics system and recommend ways to improve their operations through new or under-utilized features.  They receive a written report of our findings and recommendations.

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